Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shaman King, Yet Another Abridged Series

So, finally was able to totally buy a totally legit copy of Adobe Master Collection CS 4, so work on Shaman King Yet Another Abridged Series continues.

Currently trying to manipulate my voice to Morty (Manta), and well, I just can't, even my friend/ partner, who's be practicing voice acting forever can't do it.   I'm convinced whoever voiced him is some kind of mutant!   But, I'm trying my best, and I'm kinda close.  I'm also trying out for Ryu, and some others.

 In the meantime, here is a wallpaper I made
 And a link to the trailer my friend made, though I think I need to convince him to redo it a little, since this was before we got CS4


  1. Great job, keep up the good work!
    Here, showing support! Pass it on!

  2. Dude thats neato

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  4. Can't wait for more.

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  5. Nice wallpaper! Following this blog and hope for more cool wallpapers :)

    Could you do some wallpapers with quotes? Those are most deff my favorite.

  6. Will follow and see how your new series goes.

  7. awesome wallpaper! you have real talent matey :)

  8. Glad to see more abridged series, they're a lot of fun to kill some time with.