Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just bought Tatsunoko vs Capcom recently, powered through the stories to get Zero, and I have to say, I am impressed, an all together fun game, with diffrent things to do, and even a varitiy of controler types, each suited to it's own level.  Can use the basic GCN controller if you're serious about your fighters, or a Wiimote/ nunchuk for people who want an eiser time to play.  So, all over a good game, and worth a try, definatly a good hold-over til Marvel Vs Capcom, can't wait to play as Dante in that.

Also, the bit about this game being designed in part for the GCN (Game Cube Controller) That brings me to a little rant.  Why did they stop making the official GCN controllers?  Those where so nice, and I've sure put mileage on mine, making it a little lose in the stick now, along with some other problems.  I've tried other controllers too.
Mad Catz: It's Mad Catz, enough said really.  Every gamer has had exactly one (1) Mad Catz controller, and then used it for exactly one (1) day.

Gamestop Brand: $15 for gamestop brand new, $15 for old used Nintendo produced.  Though, it's not really too bad, but it still has an odd feel.

"Korean Brand": Or the cheap, $5 kind you can buy at a small mall kiosk, already missing one screw, and the B button doesn't work.  A good prank to pull on your Brawl rival.

So, a prayer to the gaming gods, please restart production of the original GCN controller, I love them so much, I even took two of my broken ones, soldered some of the bits together, to make my current, working one! 


  1. Yeah i feel the same way man :| The Gamecube controllers were the best ones of all the consoles so far, in my opinion. Nice size, good feel, lasts for quite a while.

  2. you should definitely be using a stick man, these games weren't made to be played on pad